Sunday, 7 December 2014

It was not just another Travel Conversation

Flight number AI506 flying Mumbai - London has been delayed. All passengers are requested to head towards Gate 2. We apologize for the inconvenience.

After hearing the announcement, Malini started walking towards Gate number 2. She was one of the passengers boarding the Mumbai - London flight. Tall, dusky and sleek, Malini worked for India Daily as a Journalist and was travelling to London to meet her parents. Malini was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu and completed her graduation from Mumbai. Her parents shifted to London to stay with her brother. She landed a job as an intern in India Daily immediately after graduation and was offered a job on permanent basis. A smart South Indian with a dash of intelligence, she was a complete package.

Seated in the airport lounge, Malini was eagerly waiting to board the flight, after all she was seeing her family.

"Excuse me, are you waiting here to board the flight for London?" said a husky voice. Malini looked up and saw this thirty something handsome man standing right in front of her, killer looks and very attractive.

"Yes I am" she said softly.

"Thanks just wanted to double check. Would you mind if I take a seat next to you?"

Ok! said Malini with a bit excitement in her voice. After all he was pretty good looking hunk.

"Hi I'm Siddharth, I live in Delhi and was here in Mumbai for some business work. I was heading to London to attend a trade exhibition.What about you?"

"Hi, I'm Malini. I work as a journalist with Mumbai Daily. I'm visiting my family in London. My parents and my brother are settled there. I'm here due to my job."

"Interesting. Would you like to have some coffee, I'm planning to get one for myself."

"Sure, I'll accompany you." saying this she got up from her seat.

"So how do you like the city? I mean I keep visiting Mumbai quite often, I think its a great place - a city that never sleeps." asked Siddharth.

"I'm living here since the last 5 years. I completed my graduation and then got a job as well.Though I have lived in various cities, I like this place more. It has it a different aura, the people here are working round the clock and being a journalist we too need to be on our toes all the time. I can relate to this place."

"And what about your family? Asked Siddharth with curiosity.

"My parents were living in Tamil Nadu. My dad had a small farming business. We used to grow vegetables and sell it directly to the consumers. My mom helped dad in business. They had over 20 people working in the farm. I was born in Tamil Nadu but completed my schooling from Mussoorie. My brother Rama and I studied in the same school. He headed to London to complete his masters and then found a decent job there. He has been in there since the last five years."

"Sounds very interesting" saying this he ordered for his cappuccino and a latte for her.

"So what do you do Siddharth?

"Im into textile business. I export all over the world...Going to London for a trade exhibition. You seem to be pretty young. Hmmm out of college right?" 

"Not exactly, its been one and half years that I'm working now.What about your family, as in wife, kids?"

"Ahhh noo. I'm still single, I live with my parents."

"Oh, I thought you were married. I'm sorry, it was a personal question."

"No. that's fine I am 35 years old and not married, enjoying my life the way it is. I have friends and we party over the weekend, take trips around the world, I work hard, earn big money and live life on my own terms."

"Ok. So your happy to be single and not have any one? Would you be like this all through your life?"

"Yeah may be, may be not. I don't know, not sure. I live in the present moment. Actually I was close to getting married thrice."

"Thrice?" Mailini said surprisingly.

"First time when I was 25, then second time when i was 28 and third time when i was 32."

Malini had a confused look on her face. "Interesting I'm curious to know what happened all the three times only if you wouldn't mind."

"Absolutely not. Its a long story." Siddhartha was pretty relaxed and didn't mind at all sharing this with Malini.

"I wanna hear." she said.

"Ok, we still have some time and our flight has not yet landed." saying this they picked up their coffee cups and headed back to their seat.

"The first girl was my college sweetheart. I was marrying the love of my life. We were great friends, fell in love and decided to marry. However just a week prior to our marriage, I decided I didn't want let go off this freedom....freedom of being single and thought I to myself that I was just 25 years old and wasn't prepared to take on this responsibility. I started feeling awkward, restless and weird, like I'm not ready for it. I know it was my fault of saying yes to marriage at first. I thought that its the girl I know and things would be the same but then I realized that I didn't want to get committed so soon and hence called off the wedding."

"What about the girl?" asked Malini.

"Well I just apologized and moved out, didn't see her ever again! I know that was very rude but didn't have the courage to face and say anything to her. I knew it was my fault." he sounded pretty cool.

"Ok..What about the second time?"

"I was 28 then. My parents were trying to convince me for marriage. My mum had seen a girl of her choice and I liked her. We spent time together, got to know each other and then I thought that she was the one for me. I said yes after few weeks and then we got engaged. Just few days after the engagement I again got the same feeling which I had experienced during my earlier breakup - of being COMMITTED, RESPONSIBILITY, NO FREEDOM and I felt like this whole thing was a burden. I instantly called off the engagement and explained to my parents I wasn't ready yet."

"Are you kidding me, you called off your marriage twice because you thought you were not ready and didn't want to get committed to anyone?" Malini was shocked and not so convinced with the act.

"Yes, I was happy with many girls around, dating, flirting, enjoying my life the way I want and living on my own terms but didn't want that life long commitment with one girl."

"Ok and the third time?" the conversation was getting intense.

"Hahaha..well I turned 32 and my parents were emotionally blackmailing me. Dad warned me that he would kick me out of the house and business and I needed to settle down as soon as possible. In spite of making them understand and telling them that I was not ready, they didn't seem to budge. This time they just fixed my marriage, I told her that I wasn't interested and loved my bachelorhood. I didn't want to let go off this freedom.Well after hearing about my past and two marriage breakups that girl immediately said no and I was saved again. My parents stopped pestering me after this incident and I'm living a peaceful life."

Malini was not so impressed after listening to this."Do you feel happy about doing all this and hurting your parents emotions?"

"See I'm not hurting anyone, neither I'm cheating on any one. I have made it very clear to them, that unless and until I don't feel comfortable or I'm ready for marriage, I will not take this step. I want to be 2000 percent sure before being committed."

"I have seen so many marriages breaking-off, relationship ending on petty issues, what sense does that make? You promise to be there for each other and then everything is over within no time. I don't wanna got through all this. I'm happy the way I am. I'm not hurting anyone's feelings, just living the way I want to."

In the mean time there was an announcement. 'All passengers flying to London via flight AI506 are requested to head towards Gate number 2."

Siddharth got up. "I think we must get going otherwise we will miss this flight."

Malini was mum, she didn't know what to say or react. Though Siddharth was way elder to her, she had a right to voice her opinion.

"Ok Siddharth, lets finish the security checks and board the flight we shall speak later."

Saying this both of them headed towards security counter.

Siddharth was travelling in business class and Malini in economy. She was thinking what Siddharth spoke to her. She thought may be he was scared or has some kind of marriage phobia or may be he is really not interested to settle down in life. He is scared of something and there's something that pulls him back from being into a relationship and that something was none other than COMMITMENT. Yes, he is afraid of being committed to one person all his life. He is giving all false excuses for not marrying. At the end he doesn't want to take up any responsibility or be in this institution called marriage. But if you ponder over to what he says, he could be right or may be wrong.

But why was Malini bothered so much. She barely knew him, its his life let him live the way he wishes. She shut her mind and tried to sleep.

"Excuse me Ma'am" said the air hostess. "Our passenger from the business class wants to have a word with you."Mailini knew it was Siddharth. "Ma'am could you please head this way."
She got up and walked  towards the business class area.

"Hey pretty lady, didn't you sleep yet?"

"No, I was trying to but couldn't." said Malini. "But how did you mange to get me her?"
"See around, we are just two here in business class. So I requested the air hostess and told her that you were my long lost friend and we were meeting after ages. She agreed to let you in but only for some time."

"Ok. Looks like you have a good rapport with the air hostesses." Malini chuckled.

"Siddharth I was thinking about you, I mean about what you shared some time back. I'm not sure how correct you are but this is just my opinion. Settling down and having a family is the best thing ever. You have some one to be with to at the end of the day, some one to take care of you. When you are in trouble its this one person that stands by you, when you need love, its this one person that loves you till eternity and when you fall down, its this one person that lifts you. Think about the time when you grow old, you will be all alone, you will have no one by your side then, no parents no family, no relatives and no friends. You will live alone and die alone. Your friends are not going be there all through your life. Each one has his/her own priority, at some point in life, they all will go their way. This could happen 5 years down the line or even 15 years down the line. But nothing is permanent in life. Remember being committed doesn't mean you will lose your freedom. It gives an assurance to the girl that you are her's forever. She will give you space and time to do things you want in life. You can off course party even after marriage no one will stop you but the loneliness will haunt you during your end days. I'm no one to say anything or judge you, you may be right in your way, its your feeling and your thinking but if you flip the coin and think over what I'm saying probably you might understand. Having some who will love you unconditionally is the best gift. Probably you have never fallen in love at all. Give it a try, may be something might just change your life forever. I think I should leave now and go back to my seat. Good night."

As Malini got up to leave, Siddharth called out to her "Hey Malini, you seem to be very mature eh! I can buy your point but I need some time to think over it."

"Can we catch up in London?"

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Would you like some "Cheese-a -toast"

Millions of people love Cheese. The name itself  takes us to an imaginary world where we visualize all the good cheese food and wish to have them immediately. This product adds flavour and changes the face and taste of a lot of food that we eat. It is derived from milk, processed and comes in different forms - processed, sliced, cubes, tinned , with salt, without salt and a lot more. It is popularly used in pizzas, sandwiches and quite a lot of Italian dishes.

One such dish which I like and love to cook is the cheese chilly toast…You can either have it as a breakfast item or a chai time snack…It is prepared in just 15 mins and can be served to as many people as possible.

All you need is some brown bread, lots of cheese, chilies and Italian seasoning

Just 4 ingredients and your dish is good to go!

Take 4 slices of bread. Toast it in a pan or a toaster. Remove it in a plate. Add grated cheese, or sliced cheese. To that you need to add some green chilles ( 1-2 finely chopped) and Italian seasoning. This is readily available in the market. If not, you can add oregano and chili flakes.

Bake it in the oven for 30 seconds to one minute. Serve hot with a cup of tea or coffee.

Your early morning breakfast is ready.

Do try and let me know how it was.

Till then eat healthy and cook smartly.

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Shopping- An expensive Stress buster :)

Shopping and girls are inseparable...the word itself gives some relief and eventually brings a smile on our face....All of us enjoy shopping and some of us love it to the core. We find reasons to shop, even if there are no reasons, we are quite capable of inventing one. To me or even to a few of my friends, its the best stress buster...but can get too heavy on your pockets...I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post and it the mere thought of shopping gave me some relief....I have tried and penned down some of the most hilarious and weirdest reasons girls give when they want to shop....:) I hope you all will relate and enjoy reading this one.

1. Its my first date, I don't have anything appropriate to wear..Well you have all the rights to shop..after all looking special on your first date is important. Remember first impression is the last impression.

2. Its wedding season...I have to attend a few weddings of them all lined one after the other....Well you now have the biggest reason to shop. Looking beautiful is the only thing on our mind...Please note, we buy clothes as per the number of weddings we have to attend, we don't like repeating ( i hope the guys are reading this).

3. Its Prom Night, I need to course Yes, who says you can wear the same dress you bought for your date...after all its prom night. you have to look the hottest and stand out stunningly... There are going to be some real good looking guys out there....

4. I don't have anything to wear, my cupboard looks empty...OK so lets go SHOPPING!!!!

5. I fought with my boss, I'm a terrible mood. OK lets me its the best way to deal with the frustrated situation :p

6. My friend wants to shop, so i tagged along but I liked one thing and picked up a few things for my self. :p The most common reason to shop.

7. Its College friends reunion...We are meeting after ages....I need to pick up something for myself...I need to shop!!

8. Saturday night, party time....I have to go clubbing....lets shop!

9. Family dinner with relatives....need to look good... ssssoooo lets shop  :p:p:p

10. Its my friends baby shower...I have nothing appropriate to wear..Lets shop.

11. Its Spinsters party...for the last time we all will be together and  party like there no tomorrow...Please I want to shop!

12. Christmas!!! New year!! Diwali!!! festival time...wohuuuu.

13. I have Pink shoes but don't have anything to go with it, hence I'm going shopping today.

14. The earrings and bag was gifted to me by a friend, but no clothes to go with it....hence i want to shop

15. Sale! Sale! Sale! every where....huge discounts...Lets go shopping...

16. Its rainy season.......want to use my old clothes and then dispose them off after rains...then I can sop and refill all that's gone!!!!

17. Its summer time! I want clothes with fresh wardrobe has all dark shades...lets shop!!!!

18. I need some cosmetics, a lip gloss and kajal for daily office use...lets shop.

19. I'm running out of formals....I have my counterparts visiting next week from let me shop please

20. I fought with my splurging his money...I'm  shopping

21. Its sisters days out...we are shopping dining and watching some movies

22. I don't have anything in white to wear...some thing which i can wear for sad occasions (Lets buy a white chicken Kurta).

23. Its Goa calling...need some beach wear... I need to shop babes.

24. My first international trip...I want something that can be worn that country.. I want to shop!!!

25. I'm bored, sitting at home have nothing else to do,...lets catch up, window shopping (eventually turns out to be actual shopping).

26. I'm  travelling, need some night wear, some comfortable clothes...i need to go shopping..

27. House warming ceremony...I need to wear news need to shop

28. Its my honey moon, I have to buy really cute stuff...:p I'm going shopping.

29. Its some relatives function, colleagues wedding, old school friends wedding, childhood friends wedding, puja in my building, or any other function....i need to shop...

30.. Its dance class, yoga class and then gym in the need comfortable clothes to exercise....

31. I just need to look and feel good about myself, there's nothing special..I want to buy good stuff, its boosts my self

32. Lastly, it my wedding ...I need to carry new clothes to my in laws place, I need clothes for all functions...I need everything new from bags to shoes to cosmetics etc I'm shopping..

All husbands, boyfriends and those still single...this is just the trailor...:p

Happy Reading,

 PS. The images are taken from Shutterstock (a website for photographs, images, etc)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Confusion, Marriage and You!!!

It was a Sunday morning....the phone rang, Ananya gathered some courage, took a deep breath and answered the phone call.
"Hey Ananya, Viraj here...can we meet for dinner tonight? I shall meet you directly at the restaurant, Gold at 7.. see you then bye."

Miss Ananya Kumari, born in a middle class family.. MBA from one of top B schools..financially independent women, hails from a family with strong cultural values. Her appearance was one thing that no guy would die for..she was short, plum and had decent looks...but she was smart and talented..sensible and a no nonsense chick. Her strong personality and a bit dominant nature would always attract some attention from her peers and colleagues. She knew how to take care of every one and was always the dominant types. Handling a guy was no big deal for her.

Ananya didn't know what to expect from this meeting. She had no idea about what was coming her way...she went with a clear mind, hoping for the best to happen....her parents had arranged her to meet the Mr. Perfect...Viraj Sen.

The perfect guy any girl would die for....6 feet 3 inches...handsome hunk with flamboyant personality..a guy every parent would wish for their daughter and he was every girls MBA, working with one of the big fours (consultancy firms) in the Top management league...girls, dating and show bizz were his unique characteristics... He agreed to meet Ananya.

The clock struck 7..Anaya was all set, seated at the dinner table...bang on time.. Waiting to meet Viraj. It was now 7.30.....7.45.....and finally Viraj arrived at 8 pm., One hour late!

He entered the restaurant and looked all over the place. He instantly spotted Ananya, walked towards her...

"Hey I'm very sorry, the traffic was horrible....hope you wouldn't mind". Ananya was annoyed. She thought this guy has no decency at all. He walked in late and didn't even bother to inform her ...Well that was the first impression....

"Would you like to order some thing Ma'am? the waiter disrupted her thoughts.. .. "Hmmm oh yes".....Viraj interrupted ..Let's order for dinner and then we can talk at length...I love Chinese, chicken soup..some starters.. whatever you suggest (looking at the waiter) and fried rice would that OK with you Ananya?

"Yes"...she replied if she cared...

With this the waiter left them to themselves....

"So did you like this place.. its pretty awesome..nice and cozy...hmmmm..I love the food here...they make real good Chinese..I hope you will like what I have ordered."

Viraj went on an there was no stopping to his talks....for the first time she felt some one overpowering her...she felt dominated if things were flowing out of her hands....and for the first time she spoke less.

"So Ananya , you are aware of the reason why we are meeting let me ask you a few questions."

Few questions my foot....its not an interview darn it...Anaya thought to herself.
Keeping her cool, with a constant smile on her face she was patiently listening and answering all his silly questions (that's what she thought they were).

"What exactly are you looking at?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" that was her reply.

"As in what kind of a guy."

"I want to be with a guy who is not arrogant and who respects women"...a taunt straight on his face.."What about you Viraj?"

He replied "I need a girl who would take care of me and my family..thats it."

He couldn't stop checking her out..She noticed that at first instance ...A rich pink Anarkali, with high heels and a decent jewellery to go with it. Just looked elegant and cute..

The conversation went on ..dinner had finally arrived..and they were done in an hours time.

"Hey you too have a BlackBerry" Viraj said ..sounded pretty excited... "Can we exchange our bbm pin?...let's catch up on bbm."

Saying this he picked up Ananya's phone and scanned her BB pin.

Must admit, this guy was quick, doesn't waste time and knows how to woo a girl smartly.

But It didn't work out that way for Ananya, she had her own ego issues, she was shocked to meet a guy who was so dominant. This was the first guy in her life, whom she couldn't control, he hardly let her speak that evening...On the contrary, he had all the qualities and she couldn't find a valid reason to say no..she couldn't make up her mind whether to go ahead with this or not..He was totally opposite to what she wanted...She felt like two ends meet..He was different, unique and had an X factor...Yet she couldn't decide..she was confused.

For Viraj it was the girl he longed for...he knew her strengths and weaknesses..he instantly had read her on the very first meet...he knew she was the girl for him..he had made up his mind to go ahead with this..His personality, arrogance and flamboyant nature would make any girl go gaga over him but with Anaya he knew this was not the case...In fact she was the first girl in his life who disliked him in the first meet..and he had guessed all this in the entire evening...He had a task now to win her heart and her task was to try and escape from this confused state.

Late that night Anaya received a text msg from Viraj.... 'Hey it was wonderful today...I liked your company and enjoyed every minute spent with you...thanks for such a wonderful evening and keep smiling always coz you look the best when you smile.'

And there began a journey....Anaya confused, not able to decide, wants to say no..the sms changed her mind, may be he is good, should give another chance, don't know what to do...she knew she had to meet him again and again to decide ....

Viraj..... with a mind all clear, slept peacefully, as he had already made the decision of his life..of being with her now and for ever......

So often we are confused when it comes to taking marriage decisions...Just like Ananya we don't think, we become judgmental and take decisions that make our thoughts more complicated...when we are seeing someone, or decide to meet a guy for marriage purposes, we should try and give time to each other....At times you will strike a chord in the first go like Viraj or might take several meetings to say yes  like Anaya...Sometimes we  might end up saying No to the right person or saying yes to the wrong person  (But don't worry, this never happens easily)......Take your time, don't be confused, don't be judgmental, don't make any pre-conceived notations about your partner even before meeting or in the first go....give time and take will figure out easily what you want and will know if the guy is right for you or not...If you are not able to decide anything for yourself, leave it in Gods hands...he will show you the way......

Dedicated to all those who are going through or will go through this phase.....

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Spectacular North India!!!

Admits deep valleys and high hills, this trip to North India was a bliss. Dehradun, located in the valleys and Mussoorie, located on mountain ranges, two contrast locations but has its own beauty and magic.
The excitement begins the moment you see Dehradun from 14,000 feet high, surrounded with greenery and the Himalayan ranges. This place has its own charm that mesmerizes you. The best time to visit is winters but summers are pretty cool as well.

We stayed at Hrishikesh, which is 30 min away from Dehradun. Hrishikesh is considered a holy place as the river Ganga resides here. The 2,525 km river rises in the western Himalayas in the Uttarakhand, and flows south and east through the Gangetic Plain of North India into Bangladesh and empties into the Bay of Bengal. Hrishikesh is famous for adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping and rock climbing. We were staying in a hotel located on the banks of river Ganga - Scenic place and a feeling of quietness embraces you all day long.

Day 1
On the very first day of our trip, we visited Haridwar. Thousands of people gather every evening to pay respect to the Holy water Ganga and participate in the maha-aarti that takes place every evening at 6 pm. This is one scene that cannot be missed. We have been seeing this in movies but to get a real life experience is something different and unexpected. Just remember to be safe and always stay in groups.Chances of you getting lost are much high here.

Day 2
I'm a person who is scared of water, but couldn't afford to miss river rafting in Hrishikesh. I was continuously praying for 2 days before the rafting activity and finally decided to take on this water journey - 26 kms, white water rafting, 12 rapids and 4 hours...phew! I survived and enjoyed every bit of it...must say you cannot miss this if you are in Hrishikesh....Usually people prefer to stay in camps in Hrishikesh. You can also opt for many other activities provided by these camps.

Take a day off after rafting as you body will refuse to respond post this activity.

Day 3
Next day we were off to Mussoorie, quiet and serene, usually known as the queen of hills. This place has it owns beauty that welcomes everyone with warmth. The hill station is located 8000 feet high.The only thing you can do here is sleep, eat, relax, walk the mall road, shop and spend quality time with yourself. The attractions here include the Kempty water falls, the rope way, good restaurants and food, some schools and lush green Himalayan ranges that can be mostly viewed from your hotel rooms.

I fell sick after the rafting activity and didn't enjoy my stay at Mussoorie. Some some of the funny experiences in Mussoorie which cannot be forgotten were when my friends had to call the doctor at 2 am.. go to the hospital to get my medicines... wade through the hilly regions, secretly praying to reach safely, finally got a lift from some localities at 2 am...half drunk and a ride they will never forget in their entire life.. I was more tensed for their safety rather than getting my medicines on time.

We had dinner by the river side, walked all the way to the Ram Jhulla and Laxman Jhulla, saw some parts of Delhi and traveled in metros. We used all means of transport- the airplane, local cabs, pulled rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, etc etc.

Things to remember:
1. Carry enough medicines in case you fall sick after the rafting activity, good clothes for rafting and some warm clothes as well.
2. The food is usually vegetarian but some places do serve non-veg.
3. You can reach Delhi by flight and then take another flight to Dehradun.
4. Book in advance in case you chose to stay in Hotels or else camps is the best option if your travelling with your friends. 

This place is adventurous yet relaxing..
Trust me you will have enough stories and experiences to share once your back from this journey.

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Yummy Raspberry and Mango Delight...

Its time....Finally Mumbai sees the rains.....the increased humidity had left us almost longing for it..made me feel summer-like in June.... but be it summer, rains or winter... there no stopping to your creativity especially when it comes to food. So here is a lovely sweet sweet dish which is easy to make and available all times of the year.

PS: This dish was actually my hubby's creation!!!!

Amul mango ice-ream (half to one kg)
Raspberry jam (3-4 spoons)
Good day biscuits ( around 8) or cookies would also do
Muesli (one cup) - the one with dry fruits
Apple/ Pear /Strawberry (any fruit that's available) 1-2 for seasoning

Serves : 4 people

Take a big mixing bowl. Add good day biscuits (break into small pieces) or cookies (as per availability) would also do. Add one cup muesli.Then add Amul mango ice-cream ( half kg). Add 3 to 4 big spoons of Raspberry jam to this mixture.
Mix the ingredients well.
Take 4 ice cream serving bowls and fill this mixture.
Now either cut apples or pears or strawberry (or you can take a combination of all as per your preference) into fine slices.
Decorate the dish with these fruits.
Serve chilled.

Isn't it easy to make. Now do try is out as a Sunday afternoon dessert and let me know how it was....

Priyanka Ohol

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Food you cannot miss in MUMBAI!!!!!!

High rises to high real estate prices, bollywood to financial capital, crowded trains to ganesh festivals, big business houses to being a cultural hub, dharavi slums to colaba causeway...queens necklace to juhu chowpatty and best malls to street food. This city has it all...Mumbai as its called the city of dreams....

I was thinking as to what should be my next post, and was determined to write something about the city, I came across an interesting article on street foods. The article spoke about 10 best places to eat in mumbai....and thought why not put together a post on the-best-food-places-I-have-visited-so-far-in-mumbai...or rather not-to-miss-the-best-eat-out-places in mumbai....or if you're a true Mumbaikar, I'm sure u must have not missed any of the places listed below...:) 

Brun Maska and Bread pudding @Kayanis

Although there are a lot of Irani restaurants in Mumbai, but Kayanis is Kayanis...Brun maska chai and bread pudding is one meal that you cannot afford to miss here. This is one of the most popular hangouts after college hours. Its located Opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines.

Fish @ Apoorva, Gomantak, Mahesh Lunch Home, Gazalee or Jaihind lalbaug
Its a never ending list...all these places offer a platter of delicious sea food, each one different from the other and the taste also differs from restaurant to your delight...Goa Portuguese should be the icing on the cake. Dont miss any of these if your craving for seafood on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Gazale and Jaihind are located around Parel - lalbaug, Gomantak at Dadar and Apoorva , Mahesh Lunch Home at fort..Goa Portuguese at Mahim.

Green masala pomfret at Goa Portuguese, crabs at Apoorva, fish fry at Gazalee, stuffed bombay duck with prawns at some of the not to miss dishes...:)

Sandwich stall outside HR college
If you're in a hurry and looking for a quick bite, the sandwich waala outside HR college is the best,fastest,easiest and cheap option for one...He specializes in rolls, pastas and pizzas...his pasta pizza, pasta rolls and pasta sandwiches are some of the preparations to look out for...

Crystal@ Chowpatty

A  small and mini lunch home, popular amongst corporates and located just next Wilson college at chowpatty..simple dal fry, rice, roti sabji with rice kheer and custard...I'm sure u can't get a proper meal for less than a 100 bucks anywhere else in Mumbai!!!

Bachelors @ Charni Road
Walk a bit ahead of crystal...and you are at Bachelors...located right outside charni road station rocher milkshake, oreo milkshake or plain fresh juices...u can get anything and everything liquid (only juice I meant!)...if you're at your friends place for a night out and plan to go for a long drive at marine drive, then don't forget to drop in at Bachelors and treat yourself to the best sweeteners ever!

Stadium restaurant outside churchgate station..

This place has been running since ages...bhuna chicken, kheema and butter chicken, biryani dishes are the ones to die for..again a cheaper source of food, tasty and filling....a must visit place...:)

Rustomjee Ice Cream - Courtesy Zomato
Right across the road, opposite stadium restaurant is our very own Rustomjee...the biscuit ice cream is its USP and still stands unique inspite of the try their seasonal special ice and anjeer are their specialities...:)

5 Spice!!! I think its like a family resto for me now....if you're planning to treat your friends then 5 Spice is the place..sufficient quantity, great food and pretty reasonable. Mongolian pot rice- the patent dish enjoyed by all :) Its located at fort, andheri.

Sarvi at byculla...A meal at Sarvi doesn't count unless you've feasted on their seekh kebabs along with their mint chutney and onion rings. This place is located right opposite to nagpada police station under Dawood Nursing home(the name says it all).

Shalimar restaurant has to be there on your list. The Yakhini pulav @ Shalimar, Bhuna chicken and Ran Biryani are the best selling dishes. Its like a finger licking good food..that makes you happy at the end of the treat.

Mohammed Ali road, is the place to joy some non vegetarian street food. The street is all lit up with scrumptious food including kebabs, malpuas, chicken, mutton and beef preparations during Ramadan. You just can't afford to miss a visit to this place to treat your taste buds.

If u are a sizzler lover, Kobes is the place for you..You have a variety of sizzler options to choose from Chicken shashlik is the best one tried so far.....the chowpatty branch is the one for me:)

Leopolds...the place u can never miss when you visit colaba...try their prawns and chinese food....I think its one of the best I have tasted so far..Leopold's special their signature dish, you can try this with prawns, chicken or veg preps. Also a great place for beer lovers.

Bade Miyaan...if ur out at 2 am, feeling hungry and want to grab a meal...just drop by at Bade Miyaas..seekh kabab with baida roti is the dish for me.. Its the mosy busiest and crowded can simply relax in you car and the food will come to you.

Sardar pav bhaji...the tastiest pav bhaji centre located in SOBO.... You can see your pav dripped in half kg butter along with another half kg over the plate......its open up to 2 am....

Haji Ali Juice centre...another crowded and popular place for fresh juices and some sandwiches...

If ur really looking to have for some good chinese, Mainland China is the place to be....They have the best chinese in town.....the food is just sufficient, light, tasty and easy digestible...a must visit place...its located all over Mumbai!!!

Sion lunch home...don't miss the fish thali here...just perfect if ur on the go...:)...prawns koliwada and fish fry...its simply yummy....

Delhi Darbar, our very own biryani special place...I can swear on their Biryanis, have never tasted any better biryani than this (except Mother in laws homemade biryani, its also the one i never miss eating)

Candies at Bandra...finally I moved out of SOBO...their salad buffet is the most filling plate..besides their fruit tarts and other confectionaries.

Apart from the ones listed above, you can try Casa Soul fry another fish place, Silk Route for chinese, Britannia- cherry spl pulav, the Food Inn, Piccadilly for some lebanese treat, Woodside inn, Gokuls - right opposite Bade Miyaas, Alps @ colaba, Pizza by the Bay, Gaylord @ churchgate the kulfi centre at chowpatty and many more places..

This isn't an exhaustive list...but definitely a starting point.. So if you haven't visited any of these before, get up and get going .... till then ill come up with another not-so-famous-yet-tasty-places-to-eat-in-Mumbai list :p

Yummy reading!!!!


Courtesy: Pics have been taken from google images, and various sources.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sunday School Songs...series 4


Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning
Give me oil in m lamp, I pray Halleluiah
Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning
Keep me burning till the break of day
Come on and sing hosanna, sing hosanna, sing hosanna
To the King of Kings
Come on and sing hosanna, sing hosanna, sing hosanna
To the King of Kings


I am yours, you are mine
I am your cup, pour out your wine
I am the candle Lord, you make me shine
I am yours, you are mine


Grin again Gang get gung oh about Jesus
Smile sweetly Susan coz you send satan sadly away
Buck up brother Bill because
A bunch of bitter boys became a buch of better boys
behind a big big smile
Grin again Gang get gung oh about Jesus

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Maldives - Heaven on Earth

Though I'm not too late on writing a travel post but I'm definitely late on writing a review on Maldives - my first exotic destination. By now many of you must have already seen the pics on facebook and must have gauged its beauty. But as its said - a picture can paint a thousand words, so does a review help in spreading those thousand words.:)

I thought this was the best platform to write a review about the island and resort we visited.

Maldives is a collection of about 1000+ islands. It is located in the Indian Ocean and easily accessible from Kerela. It is the smallest Asian country with regards to population and size. Male city is the capital of Maldives, people speak Maldivian language, Islam is their major religion and the currency used is Maldivian rufiyaa. Fishing and Tourism are the major industries.

Beach resort
Sea plane boarding
Candle light dinner in the middle of the sea
Fishes during the fish feeding activity
The water villas
Thats how the sky looks at night
Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo, is a coral reef which is located an hour away from Male airport. This is definitely a virgin island as not many people are aware of this place and it still stands unexploited.

You will notice just one or two Indian couples visiting this place in every 6 months. Most tourist staying on the resort are either Europeans or Americans. We were lucky enough to be the only Indian couple staying on the resort during our visit.

The one week break is the perfect time and destination to rejuvenate yourself. Its exotic, relaxing and you have all the time to yourself. You can either opt for a beach or water villa as per your budget. This resort is surrounded with turquoise blue water, white sand and not to forget the FISHES, The rooms are lavish and the staff very friendly and warm. The list of activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, island hoping or simply lazing around. You cannot afford to miss the spa treatments and some of their night club activities. Karaoke nights, magic shows, crab race and dance were things that kept us entertained. Now let's talk about the food. 

The resort serves International cuisine. The wisest thing to do is to opt for a full board package since you are staying on the island and not gonna get out of the place. You can treat yourself to some mouth watering spreads that contain food from around the world. From pulavs to pastas, breads, croissant, salads to soups, different types of curries and non veg dishes, fruits and desserts, cold drinks and drinks too. You have a variety to choose from.

Evenings you can enjoy fish feeding activity and look at the aquatic life. Fishes of all colours, types and sizes will mesmerise you. They are harmless, unless you spot a stingray or a baby shark in the pool.

On the last day we were flown back to the airport via a sea plane. These sea places belong to the local Maldivian airlines and has a capacity to take only 8 to 10 passengers at a time. Their boats are called as Dhoni which take you right at the middle of the sea from where you are supposed to board the sea plane.

It was and will be one of our best trips. Its the perfect place for your honeymoon or if you just need to spend some quality time with your self. Till then keep reading, travelling and exploring until I come back with my next travel review.

Priyanka Ohol


For the love of French beans - dedicated to all working women

Amateurs kitchen recipe...back with another simple yummy dish. 
This recipe requires only 4 ingredients and you're done. You can prepare this vegetable for tiffin along with rotis and takes only 15 to 20 mins to cook

So all the working women, don't think too much, just try your hand at this!

French Beans and Garlic vegetable
Serves :  2 to 3 people

250 gms French beans (cut into tiny pieces)
4 to 5 garlic flakes ( finely chopped)
4 to 5 green chillies ( finely chopped)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp oil
salt to taste

Keep all the ingredients ready well in advance. Heat a pan and add oil. Add garlic flakes and saute well. Add green chilies, turmeric powder and french beans. Sprinkle little water and allow the vegetable to cook. Add salt and check the softness of french beans and keep stirring in between. Remove once its cooked.

Your dabba  is ready!

This sabji can also be served with dal rice.

Health benefits: Increasing haemoglobin count, low in calories, curing frequent urination, improving eyesight and help in the prevention of cholesterol and diabetes.

Sunday School Songs ..


Go to the by ways, tell them on the highways
Tell them that your their friend
Tell them the church is open
They're welcome to drop in
Talk just a little bit 
Sing just a little bit 
Throw in a smile or two 
And here's wishing how do you do
For the Lord is counting on you and me and you

I love to go to Sunday School 
I love to sing the songs 

I love to share what God has done, 
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
But I hate to see the boys and girls
Who stay at home and play
For they're missing what the Lord has done
For you and all Mankind

Go to the by ways, tell them on the highways
Tell them that your their friend
Tell them the church is open
They're welcome to drop in
Talk just a little bit 
Sing just a little bit 
Throw in a smile or two 
And here's wishing how do you do
For the Lord is counting on you and me and you


The wise man built his house upon the rock (3)
And the rains came tumbling down (2)
The rains came down and the floods came up (3)
And the house on the rock stood firm (2)

The foolish man built his house upon the sand (3)
And the rains came tumbling down (2)
The rains came down and the floods came up (3)
And the house on the sand fell down (2)

Sunday School Songs....


Who is the King of the jungle
Who is the King of the sea
Who is the King of the universe
Both the jungle and the sea

J-E-S-U-S oh Yes,
He is the King of me
He is the King of the universe
Both the Jungle and the sea


Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh no
Let my people go, Uff yeah yeah yeah
Singing Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh no
Let me people go, Uff yeah yeah yeah

The burning bush told me just the other day
That I should go over and I should stay
I'm gonna take my people from the Pharaoh's Land
And lead them all over to the promise land

Singing Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh No
Let me people go, Uff yeah yeah


Satan didn't like when we came out the wilderness,
Came out the wilderness, came out the wilderness,
Satan didn't like it when we came out the wilderness
Walking with the Lord (3)
Satin didn't like when we came out the wilderness,
Walking with the Lord

Satan didn't like when we came out the wilderness,
Came out the wilderness, came out the wilderness,
Satan didn't like it when we came out the wilderness
Swimming with the Lord (3)
Satin didn't like when we came out the wilderness,
Swimming with the Lord

Satan didn't like when we came out the wilderness,
Came out the wilderness, came out the wilderness,
Satan didn't like it when we came out the wilderness
Dancing with the Lord (3)
Satin didn't like when we came out the wilderness,
Dancing with the Lord

All time favourite - Sunday School Songs


Its a great thing to Praise the Lord (3)
Walking in the light of the Lord,
Walk Walk Walk Walk in the light (3)
Walking in the Light of the Lord

Its a great thing to Love the Lord (3)
Walking in the light of the Lord,
Walk Walk Walk Walk in the light (3)
Walking in the Light of the Lord

Its a great thing to Serve the Lord (3)
Its a great thing to Love the Lord (3)
Walking in the light of the Lord,
Walk Walk Walk Walk in the light (3)
Walking in the Light of the Lord

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Easiest way to cook Karela

The Kitchen bug has bitten me again and I'm all set to share a very very simple recipe.

Karela, the most loved vegetable (pun intended)...After trying this recipe im sure you all will thank me for sharing the most easiest, tastiest and fastest dish to cook Crispy Karela..You can serve this with plain dal rice as a vegetable or just something crispy to go with it.

Try this dish and do let me know how it was...

Crispy Karela
Serves : 4 people

4 to 5 medium size bottle gourd (Karela)
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons red chilli powder ( 1 spoon if less spicy)
2 to 3 teaspoons olive oil ( as per the quantity of karelas)

Slice the karelas in thin roundles and wash the same with water. Drain the water completely, add salt and keep it away for 15 to 20 mins. After 20 mins add red chilli powder and olive oil. mix the ingredients well. Bake the Karela for 5 -7 mins in microwave oven. If its not cooked, still further bake it for another 2 to 3 mins. Ensure you don't burn the karelas. Once they turn crispy, remove it from the oven and serve while eating.

Health benefits: It is the best remedies for diabetes, an excellent source of vitamin-C, very low in calories with 17 calories per 100g, helps with digestion of food by producing digestive enzymes.