Friday, 7 December 2012

Welcome December....Welcome Christmas..

Joy to the world the Lord has come!!! ........A Ray of hope flickers in the sky........and then comes another carol...Mary's boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day...Wow..each morning you wake up to the music.....and you know its your favorite carol being played in the background. You realize the advent season is here.....and everyone's preparing to welcome the KING....The winter sets in, covering you with its cold breeze, weather looks windy and pleasant....the sun shines only for a while and mum holding you in her arms all stuffed and muffled; almost feeling her love and warmth in this cold season....Children gearing up for the choir practices, the big bright star shining right outside your window, enacting the nativity scene, the Christmas tree in your living room, Greetings sent to your loved ones, Santa Clause and my wishes.. and off course the yummy Christmas goodies prepared at home....Takes me right back when I was young..... feels nostalgic and awakens the child in me....

Amidst all this, we forget the true reason behind Christmas.... we get busy and involve ourselves completely in all the preparations and forget that its not only about the materialistic happiness but about doing something special for someone and touching atleast one life..... It could be your neighbor, a friend, an acquaintance, your maid at home, your office boy, someone you may just know or anyone who you think should have that smile on their face....No matter what faith you follow or what you believe but being a wonderful human being and having love for all is what keeps you grounded...We are blessed today with everything that we need and we should be grateful for all that we have.

Let this feeling not just awaken only once a year but let each day of our life be like Christmas.

So a warm welcome - December and Christmas!!! Hope you stay with us forever and each day of our life....

Priyanka :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Computer - The Human Mind Saluted!!!!!

One of the biggest device discovered by the human brain - Computers!!! ...Hats off to the master mind/s behind this great innovation..

Introduction to Computers - my first University paper on Monday and I'm enjoying reading this subject...Never knew there was so much behind this machine that actually makes our work easy. The programming language, Graphic User Interface, html, networks, database management, LAN, WA...........ahhhhhh  - sounds technical :) To put it in simpler words, its a technical brain that reads and converts the binary language as we type the alphabets and numbers to get us the desired output....

The Internet - was first developed in USA during the year 1969 by the Department of Defense, to survive a nuclear attack or a natural disaster. Nearly 43 years down the line, internet has evolved, transformed and considered the fastest channel of communication which is now extensively used to chat, blog,send emails, connect, socialize, watch movies, downloads, share pics, etc.... What a drastic change from the original purpose!!!!!

Did you ever realize what goes behind the making???  How do we see such well designed web pages on our screens?? Speed of delivery of a message or chat??? Just one click and the world is at your feet.

Pondering on these thoughts and questions, it makes me say that it is definitely a blessing for mankind, making our work simpler but at the same time shouldn't be misused by us.

So  while i write this blog, i want to express my gratitude and say a BIG THANK YOU to all the developers, programmers, system analyst and everyone out there who spend hours working and writing programmes, coding, developing well designed applications, attractive web pages and make our work much simpler. Kudos to all!!!!!!


Friday, 23 November 2012

A Wishful Attempt!

Hello everyone.

Writing has always been a private affair and I wanted to keep it to myself. Situations in life, turn the pages upside down, where you want to let out yourself, feelings,desires, thoughts and voice your opinions. (India being a democratic country). Its my first blog and I only wish to spread love, smiles and be that companion in your tough times. 

I will keep writing and writing and writing....and posting my thoughts, views, short stories, etc that will definitely make you laugh and bring you back to read more.

Till then happy reading.........