Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Aura of Optimism

“Life’s a journey, we are travellers here, our ultimate destination is decided as per the route we take along……, “Life’s too short to think a lot”, “Be practical, Move on….” are some of the phrases commonly used when we require solace.  But do these words really comfort us?
Taking an example of the most feared word ‘PROBLEMS’. What do really do in tough times? How do we tackle situations? How do we react to such glitches? Do we behave like cowards or run away from it….are we always worried and sulk each day or do we just never react to such circumstances.
Problems are faced indeed in the PRESENT and we are always concerned more about the FUTURE. Dealing with the situation at that present point is more important than worrying about what will happen next. We have no clue of what will happen the very next minute, and we think about what will happen few years down the line.
Life indeed is too short, let’s not make it complicated but actually enjoy each moment and live it to the best. Smiling through difficult times is the best medicine to overcome any problem. Troubles, misunderstandings, fight, arguments do take a toll on our relationships with loved ones but we need to decide as to what Aura we create around our self. Let’s be positive, have patience and be strong in our faith. That will keep us going.  
Hence, let us decide and think what kind of Aura we create around our self in tough times. Are we positive or just think negatively, losing heart and worrying about tomorrow.
What kind of Aura do you create??

"Beautiful thoughts and positive emotions are the stuff miracles are made of"