Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Episode 5 - Finally a Y E S ! ! ! !

I woke up next morning, my head was spinning, I had a shooting headache. I dint sleep well last night, my mind was occupied with many thoughts. I really felt like I'm in a shell and need to break free and spread my wings.
I reached office late and wasn't in a very pleasant mood. I grabbed my coffee and was quietly working at my desk.

Anamika came by, as usual in a very jovial tone "Care to have breakfast?".

"No, not hungry." I said.

"Ok" and she left.

I was quiet the entire time. Just chose to keep mum.

After a while Akshay came by.
"Zi, did you send the presentation to the client? He just sent a reminder.

"Oh no, I'm sorry It slipped off my mind."

"Hmmm..do it right away."

He noticed I was quiet and not in a very good frame of mind.
He bend down and slowly whispered in my ears.
"Are you ok.  Is anything wrong?
"Yes, I'm perfectly fine."
"Doesn't look like."
"No I'm fine."

"Is it because of yesterday's conversation, Zi?

And there was a big silence.

"No, No not at all." I said hesitantly.

"Yes, its that. Ok, you can tell me what's the matter. Were you upset? You weren't comfortable right? Or did we all speak too much."



"Nothing ...just....

"Fine I won't pester you. You can speak to me whenever you feel like. Right now please can you send the presentation. The client is waiting."
Saying this he began to walk.
Yes sweets!!
"You were right, I was thinking about what happened yesterday, hence I was a bit upset.
I have never done  this before, and this concept is new to me. I'm not worried about the club thing, what's troubling me is  when you all said I need to grow up and take my own decisions. Get out of the shell and live my life, enjoy to the fullest. Do you think I'm still a kid?"

He smiled as though he was pacifying me,  "Hmmm.. Well no."

"Then why did u all say that. Just because I don't do things that you guys do?"

"Zi, I know that this is not your cup of tea, so we aren't forcing you. We were just saying that you need to taste this side of life as well...that's it...the choice is yours." Take a chill now...don't think much..these are petty things.. forget about it..and live the way you want to.


He just left me to my thoughts.

"So Zi, what have you decided? Yes or no..

Would you join us? You can tell ur parents that you're at Anamikas place. Girls night out. Trust us you will be safe and nothing will happen to you. We would be really happy if you come along.

"So what's the answer." They all stared at me right into my eye.

I got up from the table, waked upto the cooler...took a sip of water....turned around and before leaving the canteen I  replied....YES!!!