Saturday, 9 March 2013

We are known as MFM2

June 2011... Master of Financial Management - Part time - JBIMS

So here’s a dedication to all my batch mates @ Bajaj.....

Each new venture in life takes us a step above...and yes this journey of 3 years had begun with you all….

Some engineers, some bankers, some businessmen and some lawyers..

Mixed educational backgrounds, mixed personalities, mixed cultures and performing various functionalities..

Some married, some single, some hooked and some ready to mingle...

Fighting all odds and the late sittings at work, trying to reach by 6.30, if not then lurk…

Running down the corridors, up and down the building, checking the room numbers or at times just wassaping….

And then a whole new world begins at 6:30, a world of knowledge and heeding up to 9:30..

The lecture schedules and class emails, professors asking for submissions and attendance being so crucial..

Paying attention, while our eyes still on the watch, with a hope to finish early, to run back to our spot..

Pulling each others leg or sharing a joke on chats, giggling away quietly or always munching on some crap….

With exams around the corner, gears up the study circle, with helpless expressions on our face and thoughts so fickle…

A seriousness of one week commences, running about for notes, library being our second home, surviving on Cha bar, Vihar, Subway or Dominos….

Last day of the exam, feel so elated, free birds in the sky, partying till wasted….

Then a new sem begins, new time table, new profs, with new thinking and new thoughts…

Results awaited, after 3 months of exams, with a hope to get just 50, all belonging to the same clan..

Oh the Fun Committee, and Birthday Celebrations, Industry Watchers and the Cake temptations...

Our batch being so active, with the EXE committee, our college festival Pratakshya and competitions from other communities.....

MIM, MFM ,MMM or MHRDM, who will supersede the other, MFM always in the forefront, being a perfect paradigm :)

Having come a long way and still one year to go, with dreams in our eyes, to succeed and grow….

To all my classmates, who toil so hard, wishing you good luck and loads of bank cards…:P

Be the way you are, unique and incomparable, each one learning from the other and yet so incredible….