Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Episode 5 - Finally a Y E S ! ! ! !

I woke up next morning, my head was spinning, I had a shooting headache. I dint sleep well last night, my mind was occupied with many thoughts. I really felt like I'm in a shell and need to break free and spread my wings.
I reached office late and wasn't in a very pleasant mood. I grabbed my coffee and was quietly working at my desk.

Anamika came by, as usual in a very jovial tone "Care to have breakfast?".

"No, not hungry." I said.

"Ok" and she left.

I was quiet the entire time. Just chose to keep mum.

After a while Akshay came by.
"Zi, did you send the presentation to the client? He just sent a reminder.

"Oh no, I'm sorry It slipped off my mind."

"Hmmm..do it right away."

He noticed I was quiet and not in a very good frame of mind.
He bend down and slowly whispered in my ears.
"Are you ok.  Is anything wrong?
"Yes, I'm perfectly fine."
"Doesn't look like."
"No I'm fine."

"Is it because of yesterday's conversation, Zi?

And there was a big silence.

"No, No not at all." I said hesitantly.

"Yes, its that. Ok, you can tell me what's the matter. Were you upset? You weren't comfortable right? Or did we all speak too much."



"Nothing ...just....

"Fine I won't pester you. You can speak to me whenever you feel like. Right now please can you send the presentation. The client is waiting."
Saying this he began to walk.
Yes sweets!!
"You were right, I was thinking about what happened yesterday, hence I was a bit upset.
I have never done  this before, and this concept is new to me. I'm not worried about the club thing, what's troubling me is  when you all said I need to grow up and take my own decisions. Get out of the shell and live my life, enjoy to the fullest. Do you think I'm still a kid?"

He smiled as though he was pacifying me,  "Hmmm.. Well no."

"Then why did u all say that. Just because I don't do things that you guys do?"

"Zi, I know that this is not your cup of tea, so we aren't forcing you. We were just saying that you need to taste this side of life as well...that's it...the choice is yours." Take a chill now...don't think much..these are petty things.. forget about it..and live the way you want to.


He just left me to my thoughts.

"So Zi, what have you decided? Yes or no..

Would you join us? You can tell ur parents that you're at Anamikas place. Girls night out. Trust us you will be safe and nothing will happen to you. We would be really happy if you come along.

"So what's the answer." They all stared at me right into my eye.

I got up from the table, waked upto the cooler...took a sip of water....turned around and before leaving the canteen I  replied....YES!!!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Diary Days - Episode 4

Temptations - you make me weak!!! 

Weeks passed by, the honeymoon period was over and I started working on various assignments. Days seemed shorter - week after week and month after month. With a blink of an eye, I had completed six months in the organization. I had learnt quite a lot in those six months and was looking forward to some more teachings. Our team was one of the best team at Pioneer. We were the stars of our organization and had gained success in a short period of time. The only friends I had were Sujoy, Rolston and Anamika. Apart from being colleagues, they had also become my good buddies. We shared a great bonding; they trained me on various projects and also taught me how to deal with difficult situations at work. There was so much to learn from them. I started coming out of my shell and began to grow as an individual.

I worked closely with Akshay. He thought I was smart and had a liking towards me. I took him as my mentor, and tried to learn as much as I could from him. I think he was the best manager in my office. He was pretty famous among girls. We had many things in common our likes, the love for food, traveling, etc. We gelled well and had become good friends by now. Baring the fact that he was my manger; he was also a friend, guide and someone I could look up to.

Our team had great bonding- fun, frolic and work.

One day during our evening tea break – “Hey, let’s plan something. What about clubbing this Friday? We can plan a night out and crash at Rolston’s place. Everybody ok with this plan?? asked Sujoy.

“Sounds exciting”, replied Anamika.

I was hesitant to even look at them. They knew I wasn't comfortable with this plan.

“So Zi what do you think, do you wanna join?” asked Anamika.

“Hmmmm. No I don't think so. You guys have fun.”

“Oh come on. It will be fun. At least come with us. You haven't even experienced this. You should taste this side of life as well”

“I won't be comfortable. You people enjoy.”

“Akshay you convince Zi. Tell her what she is missing in life. I mean we all work hard and should party harder.”

“Yes Zi, you should experience it once, said Akshay.  “How do you know it is bad and how can you be so judgmental. Just because we go out clubbing doesn't mean we have nothing else to do in life. We are just enjoying our life, living it on our own terms. That's it. Come out of your shell, you’re smart, talented and independent enough to take your own decisions. You should learn to make your own choices and live life the way you want to. Come at least once with us.”

“Relax Guys. I'm not being judgmental and neither am I saying you people are bad. These things don't fit into my values and principles. My parents won't allow all this. Hence its better I stay away.You'll have fun.”

“What do you mean by values? Aren't we all coming from good families?” asked Rolston.

“I didn't mean it that way” I defended.

“It’s just your mental block. You’re smart, you are doing well, but you’re still a kid. Who still listens to your parents? They won't even know what you’re doing.”

“But it’s all wrong.” I defended again.

“That's what we are saying, it’s not wrong its sheer enjoyment. Who cares what will happen tomorrow. Just live in the moment and enjoy the time. It’s like kal ho na ho……. ya Zindagi na milegi doobara types.” said Anamika

“It’s your way of looking at life and my way is different. Can’t stop you from doing what you’ll want and similarly you can’t force me to do things which I don’t want to. I can’t completely promise. I will try.”

“Good at least you’re thinking about it.”

“We are not forcing you Zi. Just that we want you also to enjoy with us. The choice is yours.”  said Akshay

That evening I went home with a heavy heart. Entire evening I was thinking on what they said ‘You need to get out, your still in a shell.’

I couldn’t sleep that night.  Teaching and values or friends and party. Two different sides of a coin. If I go, I'm definitely not gonna drink. I’ll just be out eating, enjoying the music and having good time with them. Anyways I love dancing…. Zi, you never even visited a pub. May be it’s your chance to see and then decide whether this is good or bad. They were right I haven't even seen, then how do I know.

No Zi. Just stop thinking. You’re just getting carried away. Life till now was beautiful, you still enjoyed without drinking and clubbing and night outs etc, then why this way now.

Yes Zi- something new to explore, your last chance may be. Your adventurous and like doing new things then why not this.

No Zi. What if ma and paa get to know what you are upto? How shameful will that be?

You are not doing anything wrong. Just enjoying - in a different way.

Yes Zi go for it,…….. no Zi….. NO NO…oh yes come one,NO NO…… Oh my head. Its spinning. May be ill go just once and see and never go again. No harm.

Leave it ...let sleep now...will decide tomorrow.

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Diary Days - Episode 3

The most awaited moment was here. I had mixed feelings. Several thoughts running through my mind. I waited at the lobby. I was then escorted inside and completed my joining formalities.
I felt so proud of myself as if I had achieved big success in life. The interiors were splendid, bright lights, round cubicles, employee collages and paintings every where. It had a media look with a dash of corporate element to it.

I strolled around, went to the cafeteria, grabbed some coffee and was quietly observing all the activities around me.

After 10 mins, I noticed someone walking towards me, I immediately recognized the figure, it was none other than Akshay. “Welcome Ziya and congratulations!

“Thank you,” I replied in a soft voice.

“If you have finished your coffee, I can take you to your workstation”.

“Sure. I’m done, let’s go.” I jumped to my feet and walked behind him.

Let me introduce you to the team.
“Hello everyone, we have a new joiner, Ms. Ziya Subramanian. Ziya this is the team, you will be working closely with them and I'm the Manager, you will be reporting to me. Please make yourself comfortable and everyone please introduce yourself to Ms. Zi

Zi!!!!!! I felt like a television channel.

“I hope you don't mind me calling you Zi.”

“Hmmm….Yes”, I replied sheepishly. Anyways you have already made up your mind to call me Zi. Wasn't this moving too fast? First day, first intro and I already got a nick name Zi or was he just trying to make me feel at home?

“Hi, I'm Sujoy, this is Anamika and Rolston. You will be working with us. We are a team of three and now including you four. We basically handle the clients; look after their branding, work in unison with other teams etc, etc, we do a lot of work!!!! Since it is you first day, obviously there wont be any work but you can browse through our intranet sites, company policies and stuff.I think that should be enough for today.”

Saying this he pushed off to his workstation, leaving me all to myself. I logged in, changed my password and started browsing the sites he mentioned. I went through some of the magazines published by the company, saw their work pattern, tried to understand how big the company is and was slowly settling in.

It was lunch time and Anamika came by.

“Hey, let's go for lunch.” she said.

“I haven’t carried my Tiffin” I replied innocently. “Awww… you don't need to. We have a huge cafeteria that serves free lunch and if you don't like it then we have many restaurants around the corner, you can always go and grab something there. We usually do at times or order food on special occasions.”

“Special occasions, like birthdays, festivals or so..”

“Noooo FRIDAYS!!!!! That day of the week, which we all look forward to. It marks the beginning of our weekend and celebrations begin in full swing.”

She sounded as if it was a big festival.

“Do you drink??? I hope you don’t mind me asking you this question”

“No”, I said in a stern voice. “Well we usually go out for drinks on Fridays.”

I replied with a surprise look on my face, “Ok. So everybody drinks?”

“Yes, off course they do”.

Well this world was new to me. I know girls drink but I was experiencing all this for the first time. Friday night party and drinking, this concept was a bit difficult to digest. How can a person party every Friday evening and not spend time with his family or friends.
I remember, Friday evenings was a time to relax, be happy and spend time with family - Family dinners and movies with friends was the only agenda on my mind. All this was now slowly being replaced by boozing and partying.

I'm definitely not of this type and I will never do that, I swear to myself. This is not what my parents have sent me here for. I need to focus, learn, excel and grow. I don’t care what others think about me or do but my aim is different and I am a different person.

Remember Ziya Subramanium...IT IS A PROMISE TO YOUR SELF. WORK HARD

Lunch was pretty decent, 4 o clock we went for the tea break and 6 I pushed off. I didn't do anything much on day one...Just learnt that Friday marks the beginning of the weekend, drinks and party.

Wow...First corporate rule I guess.

I was looking forward to my induction. Hope I learn something useful out of this.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Diary Days - Episode 2

A week passed by and I was still looking out for a job. I was confident that Pioneer Corp would never revert but knew I would definitely land up getting a decent job.
I usually believed in this philosophy - things happen at the right time.The time hadn't come for me yet and probably had to struggle a bit more to get my dream job.

I belonged to an upper middle class family. Dad an Engineer with the Indian Railways and Maa a banker. Both did well in their careers and were heading their respective divisions. My parents worked very hard all their lives and always guided me and my brother to take correct decisions. The field that I had chosen was out of my family’s league. My parents were not very happy when I said I wanted to take up fashion designing, get into media and be a part of the glamour world. The only profession appealing to them was either being an engineer, a doctor or MBA. All my cousins were doing very well as engineers or doctors or MBAs and were well placed in their respective fields. I was the odd one out - glamour world. Though my relatives were not very supportive or must say not happy with what I had chosen for myself but my parents supported me. They trusted my decision and knew I was excellent with my work and would do well in this field.

I was grateful to them for giving me a chance to prove myself and had promised to never let them down. I had a “Plan B” ready in my mind.  In case I failed, I would quietly take up MBA (marketing) and act as my parents say

I realized how important it is to speak to your parents about your career choices and even for parents to understand their children.

Clear thoughts and communication - first key to success. If you manage to unlock this, you have already  climbed your first step towards success.

It was Monday morning and I was ready to start over again- naukri.com, applying for jobs, speaking to friends and college seniors, getting references, forwarding my cv and so on and so forth.

Around 11 am, the cell phone rang. Hi I'm calling from pioneer corp am I speaking to Ziya?”

“Yes”, I said taking a deep breath. “I have some good news for you.  Congratulations! You have been selected and I’m glad to offer you the position of a Management trainee. You will be working with the branding team .Can you come down to collect your offer letter. May be around 4 pm?”

I was over whelmed, over joyed. Finally my search ended and I have a job now. What a fantastic start to the week! I picked up the phone and spoke to my maa and paa.

"Thank you Lord" saying that my mother congratulated me for the new job.

I was ready at 2 pm, reached at 3 and got the offer letter at 4. ‘Management trainee – branding’. That’s what it read. I signed my offer letter and pushed off as early as possible.

But before leaving I looked around from one corner to the other. The place as huge, employees moving up and down, full of energy and positivity.  I was hoping to get a glimpse of the guy who took my interview. Couldn't see him around but knew I would work with him. I had a mischievous smile and left in peace.

The joining date was exactly after a week.

I shopped as if there was no tomorrow. Formal, perfumes’ bags shoes. I grabbed whatever I could see.  

I was anxiously waiting for ‘THE DAY ...MY FIRST DAY AT WORK.

The Diary Days - Season 1

The new post is a story which will b showcased in parts, like a serial. You need to keep visiting the blog everyday, in order to know whats going to happen next. 

The story is about a girl, her life, dreams, romance, career, family, relationships, and the one big transformation that changes her world upside down. A 360 degree revolution! She keeps writing and noting down all the incidents of her life in a diary, so she knows what went wrong when and can also relive some of the happiest moments of her life...

Keep reading and keep visiting..

Happy Reading!!!

EPISODE 1: Interview call

Lying on my bed with hands over my stomach, I knew it wasn't that mild, food poison I cried to myself. At 3 in the afternoon my cell phone rang and it was the interview call.
"Ma'am u were to visit us today but u haven't turned up". "Well" I replied, "have spoken to the HR, can't make it today. It has been rescheduled for next week." I cut the line, pulled my blanket and was off to dream land

The interview week -  Dressed in my best formals, Lloyd and baker bag, smelt of CK, put on my best stilettos and off I was to visit Pioneer Corporation - one of the biggest fashion house in the country.It has been home to some of the biggest fashion designers, owns few fashion magazine, some fashion channels and everything that belongs to the fashion industry.

A mere 30 min drive from my house, the distance didn't seem that longer.I showed up on on time and finally I was with the HR.

"Hi Ziya, hope you are much better now. Please have a seat, the manager will see you in a while."

"Thanks" I replied and was waiting in the meeting room. The room had a weird name Noeda. I wondered what that meant.

After 30 mins of waiting, a tall, smart guy walked inside the room. French beard, wheatish complexion, well built, seemed smart and very handsome, he is awesome I said to myself.....hold on Ziya...concentrate on the interview.....and he put forward his hand to greet me.

What a strong grip!

"Hi, I'm Akshay, please be comfortable.....before we begin let me introduce myself...I'm an MBA from IIM Bangalore - marketing and have recently joined this organization. Ill be heading the team and you will work under me:"

'work under me'... have I been selected????..you haven't even heard me yet!

"I had called you last week and I suppose you were not keeping well, I hope you doing much better now"

Duh! It was this guy who spoke...and I banged the phone... Never mind. i consoled myself.

"Anyways shall we start." 

And confidentally I said,"Yes, we can"

"Ziya, interesting name...tell me something about yourself."

"I'm Ziya Subaramanium....I have completed my mass media from Xaviers college Mumbai...majored in media and advertising, I have also completed a short course in fashion designing and have done a one year marketing diploma from the university.This is my first job."

"Ziya Subramanium.... What a different combination...Whats your background girl."

"My parents are South Indians...its not a love marriage...they simply loved this name hence I got it. N
othing great to share, just that its me - Ziya and Subramanium which don't go hand in hand..nothing great about the history you see." I said with that side smile on my face.

"Hmmmm..." a plain reply with no expressions at all.

"So tell me more Ziya, what do you like to do, what kind of a person are you."

Is this a marriage interview??? I thought to myself. He first introduced himself and now he wants to know what kind of a person am I.

Well, I'm a fun loving person, happy go lucky, extrovert, full of energy, love talking, meeting new people, I love playing guitar, karate black belt.. swimming is my favorite sport..I'm a state level champion....I also enjoy playing badminton....inter collegiate level..have been the college secretary, editor for magazine, good at drama and singing...I can dance all the way..all night,, love traveling, seeing new places, I live with my parents, younger brother and reside at matunga.


"Nice introduction...pretty impressive and elaborate."

But u said speak something about yourself... I thought again to myself.

"We shall get back to you." S
aying this he wished me good bye.

Thats it!!! What was that..interview?? short and sweet and he didn't ask me any technical questions.

I knew I wasn't getting this job because of all the blabbering I did...but never mind I have many more to look at.
With this belief I walked out of that huge fashion house...leaving my dreams behind
Never even turned back..and I knew I had lost this opportunity.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

From Miss to Mrs.....:)

Back wit a new post....and that too after marriage....
Nothing poetic or special but just want to share my experience till date..:)

From being Miss to Mrs, from being a townie to a suburbee and from Byculla to Dombivli......uffff......

A different experience all together..new place, new people, new house, new job .....I felt as if a new life was gifted to me by God. Nevertheless changes are good and they happen for the best. Travelling is my biggest enemy .....i used to wonder how women travel all the way to their work place from far off distances and yet mange their house so well...hats off to these women who do this regularly..

...getting up early and pushing off to work..catching the 7.30 train, struggling for that one seat up to vikhroli..i just knew one thing i had to master this art of bargaining for seat...:):):) like how the other women do....then travelling to colg in the evening and back home at nite... surely it is a long day....

......I loved this transformation...the place, my house, new responsibilities and my new family......best in laws i could ever ask for.... and above all a supportive husband...who stands by me all the time.....without is support i could have never done all this....thanks for being there ....

more blogs and interesting stuff to come...

till then keep reading and be blessed!!!

Priyanka Sarang Ohol....

Saturday, 9 March 2013

We are known as MFM2

June 2011... Master of Financial Management - Part time - JBIMS

So here’s a dedication to all my batch mates @ Bajaj.....

Each new venture in life takes us a step above...and yes this journey of 3 years had begun with you all….

Some engineers, some bankers, some businessmen and some lawyers..

Mixed educational backgrounds, mixed personalities, mixed cultures and performing various functionalities..

Some married, some single, some hooked and some ready to mingle...

Fighting all odds and the late sittings at work, trying to reach by 6.30, if not then lurk…

Running down the corridors, up and down the building, checking the room numbers or at times just wassaping….

And then a whole new world begins at 6:30, a world of knowledge and heeding up to 9:30..

The lecture schedules and class emails, professors asking for submissions and attendance being so crucial..

Paying attention, while our eyes still on the watch, with a hope to finish early, to run back to our spot..

Pulling each others leg or sharing a joke on chats, giggling away quietly or always munching on some crap….

With exams around the corner, gears up the study circle, with helpless expressions on our face and thoughts so fickle…

A seriousness of one week commences, running about for notes, library being our second home, surviving on Cha bar, Vihar, Subway or Dominos….

Last day of the exam, feel so elated, free birds in the sky, partying till wasted….

Then a new sem begins, new time table, new profs, with new thinking and new thoughts…

Results awaited, after 3 months of exams, with a hope to get just 50, all belonging to the same clan..

Oh the Fun Committee, and Birthday Celebrations, Industry Watchers and the Cake temptations...

Our batch being so active, with the EXE committee, our college festival Pratakshya and competitions from other communities.....

MIM, MFM ,MMM or MHRDM, who will supersede the other, MFM always in the forefront, being a perfect paradigm :)

Having come a long way and still one year to go, with dreams in our eyes, to succeed and grow….

To all my classmates, who toil so hard, wishing you good luck and loads of bank cards…:P

Be the way you are, unique and incomparable, each one learning from the other and yet so incredible….


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Aura of Optimism

“Life’s a journey, we are travellers here, our ultimate destination is decided as per the route we take along……, “Life’s too short to think a lot”, “Be practical, Move on….” are some of the phrases commonly used when we require solace.  But do these words really comfort us?
Taking an example of the most feared word ‘PROBLEMS’. What do really do in tough times? How do we tackle situations? How do we react to such glitches? Do we behave like cowards or run away from it….are we always worried and sulk each day or do we just never react to such circumstances.
Problems are faced indeed in the PRESENT and we are always concerned more about the FUTURE. Dealing with the situation at that present point is more important than worrying about what will happen next. We have no clue of what will happen the very next minute, and we think about what will happen few years down the line.
Life indeed is too short, let’s not make it complicated but actually enjoy each moment and live it to the best. Smiling through difficult times is the best medicine to overcome any problem. Troubles, misunderstandings, fight, arguments do take a toll on our relationships with loved ones but we need to decide as to what Aura we create around our self. Let’s be positive, have patience and be strong in our faith. That will keep us going.  
Hence, let us decide and think what kind of Aura we create around our self in tough times. Are we positive or just think negatively, losing heart and worrying about tomorrow.
What kind of Aura do you create??

"Beautiful thoughts and positive emotions are the stuff miracles are made of"